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(XI can’t .. O<—< 

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Nearly 30 years of pouting by Robert Downey Jr.

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 #omg i’d be freaking out if i was that close to being cut in half #but tony’s just ‘welp there goes the door oh well’

#i love how he just tosses it on the ground #like #‘well fuck i guess i gotta replace that now jesus”


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My diagnosis is that you’ve experienced a severe anxiety attack.❞ JARVIS 

I was in a very dark place when I went see IM3, experiencing some sort of anxiety issues among them where panic attacks.

I went see the movie with my Sis and when this scene came up she took my hand and whispered “See? Also Tony as difficulties. But he rocks and kick ass… like you. If he can do it.. you can do it..”

I will never forget that moment.. :)

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Clint "Hawkguy" Barton.

Look at him eat that peanut butter. He loves it 

He just had a hard day at shooting things in the face and now hes just like

Aw yus peanut butter

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You read my mind.

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"With all the bickering and countermanding each other, it’s a wonder they function as a team at all."

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I can’t see it your way, you can’t see it my way please,
maybe we’re too close to see, open up and let it be, all that it can be - SN: 09x15
Martin and James - Little Bits Of Light

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lordtywinlannister + tony or clint

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wintorsoldier asked: steve or bucky

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Ah, but someday he is meeting someone different. Some delicate, fragile creature who’s giving him a wish to shelter and protect.”